Why we do what we do stands out.

The reason is simple:

When I founded Authentic Leadership International, I did so with the fervent intention of helping ambitious international leaders break through their own fears and feedback from naysayers, and to align themselves with their true desires and talents.

Let me explain.

Given my credentials, many people fall under the impression that I come from a well-to-do family, or that I grew up in a cosmopolitan city, or that I was (at the very least) groomed in some external way to have easily slid into the aforementioned achievements as part of a natural course.

I didn’t. I didn’t. And I wasn’t.

The changes that have been most meaningful to me have come about because I learned to take a leap of faith, and I showed up for myself in ways I had never even imagined before. And THAT is precisely what I want to help others to do – particularly, emerging women leaders.

Why? That’s simple, too:

I want to pass on what was given to me and, however corny it may sound, it feels good envisaging a world where more people are happier.