Authentic Leadership International is a Leadership Development firm specializing in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. We have over eleven years experience driving change for individuals, for small-to-medium enterprises, and for Fortune 500 companies. We help our clients to exceed prior performance to develop into the leaders they only dreamed they could be.


Colleen Slaughter holds multiple degrees in coaching and leadership; she works with people both in the U.S. and abroad. Colleen has a proven track record of helping her clients achieve lasting change by helping them to identify, connect and ultimately act on their core values.


Our mission is to give ambitious International Leaders the tools to make bolder moves so that they can reach higher levels. We know, first-hand, about how self-doubt and a lack of the right tools and resources can block us from achieving our highest levels. We also know about the joy, self-esteem, and freedom that awaits those who break through the barriers to becoming the best you possible.


Authentic Leadership International LLC, founded in 2009 by Colleen Slaughter, is a woman-owned coaching and leadership development company focusing on enhancing our clients’ abilities to make bolder moves in alignment with their core values so that they can create lasting change and reach higher levels:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Professional Speaking
  • Customized Training
  • Consulting

Authentic Leadership International provides a personal approach to organizational transformation by focusing on action planning and follow-through, as well as goal and vision achievement. Our facilitators and trainers design and implement meetings to develop skills in these core areas:

  • Communicating and Building Trust with Multicultural Teams

  • Managing Up

  • The Role of Trust in Impactful Leadership

  • Effective Language for Getting things Done

  • The Role of The Body in Showing Up as a Leader

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Individual performance effectiveness through communication, leadership embodiment, problem solving, and interpersonal business relationships



Ethical Best Practices: Our coaching is grounded in ethical best practices recognized internationally for their effectiveness in guiding clients to achieve their goals. Professional and personal integrity is our highest value and we adhere to the International Coach Federation Ethical Guidelines.

LINK: http://www.coachfederation.org/ethics/

Creating a Learning Environment: Our workshops are designed to create a learning environment for the participants that is grounded in adult learning methodologies and crafted to promote discovery, engage in educational dialogue, and develop new skills while strengthening old ones.

Exceeding Expectations: Our commitment is to exceed client expectations while providing superior-quality training, coaching, and consulting services.

Excellence: Our consulting is focused on bringing applied knowledge and benchmarks of excellence to your organization, and assisting clients in designing and implementing strategies that fulfill the organization’s objectives.


All staff and consultants that work with Authentic Leadership International on your behalf will be held to the highest standard of confidentiality of all documents, personnel, and conversations held throughout and after the duration of our professional relationship with your organization.

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  • "Colleen is an expert in building leadership programs for both emerging leaders and international women leaders. She effectively executed leadership workshops for women in our organization of various levels of professional stages, including executives and women preparing to travel internationally. Her commitment to supporting women is admirable. And the training and mentorship programs are dynamic, engaging, and provide all the fundamentals necessary to succeed abroad, and in new positions of leadership."
    - Bianca Jones
  • "I highly recommend Colleen as a coach and leader. She coached me through challenging experiences. Colleen understood my situations and helped me to see new choices and perspectives with her creativity, logic, intuition and compassion. Her insights opened new pathways for me. I appreciated the professionalism, high energy and problem-solving that she brought to our conversations."
    - Marcia Tank
  • "Colleen has a well organized approach to career building and helps you create a sensible approach to your professional growth. She was very helpful to me when I went through a variety of internal promotion and external job interviews. I achieved all of the goals that were originally identified for my career and Colleen played a critical role in that success. "
    - Matt Markowitz
  • "Colleen is a keen and perceptive listener, unafraid to challenge herself and others. Having lived and worked in different countries, she is able to interact with people from multicultural environments and diverse backgrounds. Colleen has a friendly disposition without losing sight of the task at hand...!"
    - Neha Coureil