Many assume Colleen Slaughter was raised in a well-to-do family and groomed for an international life. Much the opposite, she grew up in a single-parent, low income household in Kentucky.

Her path to becoming a leader for women became clear at an early age. As a little girl, Colleen used to pretend teach in the office.  She would spend hours talking and writing. Nicknamed “Miss Independent”, Colleen always knew she was destined to be a thought leader.

At the age of twenty one she moved to Paris, France in spite of having no concrete blueprint for earning money and few spoken French abilities. Although her plan had been to stay one calendar year, she stayed for 13 years and built a successful life. In 2001, adventure and freedom called. Invigorated, she returned home and embarked on a cross-country trip. That was just the beginning of her travel bug. All in all, Colleen has visited over 20 countries.

“My journeys have taught me that while outwardly different, we humans really are very much alike; we all have the same needs and desires.”

“I had gone to coaching school in order to gain certification, another feather in my hat to be credible for going more deeply into leadership development. What I found was that coaching – and within my own company – was definitely my path in life.  It combined both of my loves: affecting deep change within individuals, and the freedom and creativity which entrepreneurship allows.”

She was not without self-doubt. All around her, it seemed she was surrounded by the word “no”. But Colleen refused to let the view of others, who seemed surprised when a simple “secretary” was accepted to a globally top-ranked bilingual MBA program, hold her down. She continued taking bold actions, landing two global consulting positions.

Others began to take notice.

Colleen’s aha moment came six months into coaching school.

More and more people began asking Colleen how she acquired the confidence and the knowledge to achieve all that she had. Colleen eventually found herself in a rewarding new role – mentoring women.

In 2009, dissatisfied with her corporate job in America (right after the biggest market crash since the Great Depression), Colleen started her own business.  Market conditions and naysayers were not going to get her down.

In 2011, Colleen fell in love with her infant daughter. She had been told getting pregnant would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Thankful for the opportunity, she chose to step back completely from work so she could embrace being a mommy. Colleen completely reprioritized her life to achieve her vision. When she returned to work life, she found she was even more focused and dedicated to exceptional results.

Today Colleen creates BOLD transformation for leaders across the globe at Authentic Leadership International where she is dedicated to helping International leaders – claim what they want, to make BOLDER moves so they can achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction.

Clients say Authentic Leadership International has helped them find their voice, listen to it, and act on it, and that, by doing so, they have gained a sense of freedom, joy and fulfillment beyond measure.

Colleen considers herself a “rebel with a good cause”, because she does not hesitate to go against the grain when the right-thing-to-do-instinct dictates.

If she could be granted a superpower, it would be to vanish people’s feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.  She would replace these needless fears with the deep understanding of how much they, and what they envision for themselves, matter and with the knowledge of just how powerful they are.

“I want to help women understand their value at a deep level and, from there, build the confidence to take actions toward ways they can thrive personally and professionally.”

“What lights me up about this work is knowing that my gifts, knowledge, and experiences benefit other women leaders by enabling them to act more in alignment with their own talents and desires – to feel happier!”