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Colleen Slaughter holds multiple degrees in coaching and leadership; she works with people both in the U.S. and abroad. Colleen has a proven track record of helping her clients achieve lasting change by helping them to identify, connect and ultimately act on their core values.

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BOLDER® is our patented system which offers you the structure,
clarity and self-confidence to achieve alignment with your
true talents and desires.

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Coaching is extremely relevant to executives and leaders within a wide range of organizations. An executive coach brings out the best in people, challenging them to grow, to search for new answers and perspectives. They can be invaluable in giving clear, objective feedback and offering distinctions that the executive cannot see for themselves. Executive coaches develop business leaders by observing them, guiding them into new practices, highlighting habits, encouraging them to improve and enabling them to excel in areas they may not have even thought possible.

  • Become a more effective leader
  • Create more rewarding work and life situation
  • Clarify your vision and make your vision happen
  • Accelerate achievement of important goals

When a Fortune 500 company has at least 3 women in leadership roles, the results speak for themselves; (percents)


increase return on sales


increase return on equity


increase return on investment

What My Clients Say

  • “I was very impressed with Colleen’s presentation on ‘The Six Emotions o Effective Leaders’ I recently attended. What a fresh and insightful perspective for the type of ‘new thought’ that is in great need for the corporate arena. I highly recommend her as a coach and a speaker. Well done!”
    Anne Marie Bass
  • “Colleen is an international professional with a powerful desire to see others evolve to their greatness. She has a flair for connecting with people from all backgrounds and from all parts of any organization. She also has a strong drive, and the talent to match, to achieve excellent results.”
    Rosemary Allan